Veterans Stand Team


Michael A. Wood Jr.

Michael is a veteran of the USMC, retired Baltimore police sergeant, PhD candidate through Capella University, leader in police reform with the Civilian Led Police Model, and the founder of Veterans Stand. He is an activist, strongly advocating for those oppressed by social injustices, and he fights with determination and compassion for the rights of all citizens. 


Anthony Diggs

Anthony Diggs believes that life is a lot like jazz, and that freedom is a lot like romance. He is veteran of the USMC, a forward-thinking business developer and self-proclaimed master of love. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and organizing acts of civil disobedience.


Assigned to pursue a life of service, Thomas Etienne joined the United States Army in 2006 in order to contribute to our nation’s defense amid an era increasingly defined by the consequences of ambitious globalization. Combining an education in international affairs with wartime military experience afforded Thomas a ground level view of how geopolitical power is applied in the 21st century. Yet in spite of serving eight honorable years in the foremost fighting force in human history, the stark outcome of his time in uniform was a more uncertain and dangerous security environment for Americans to confront abroad and at home. Thomas separated from the military in late 2015 and continues in a spirit of service towards safeguarding a prosperous future for our citizens and other people of goodwill.



Marie Delus is a vested employee, Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer, in New York City government for over twenty four years.  She is the president of T "Flip" R, LLC whose mission is to assist not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and corporations with their community, national and international charitable initiatives.  She is also an active volunteer for several organizations including the American Red Cross; Municipal Chapter of New York City Managerial Employees Association (Director-at-Large); and a volunteer of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Greater New York Chapter (Local Community Outreach Coordinator).  Marie is a United States Marine Corp Veteran of Desert Storm and also a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.   She has traveled back and forth to Washington DC and Albany as an advocate for gun safety.