WHat's in the News?

Photo Taken by Jessica Wood with MaeWood Photography

Photo Taken by Jessica Wood with MaeWood Photography

'This Is Our Ghost Dance.' 

"Despite a freezing winter, hundreds of activists and Native Americans hunker down in a sustained effort to block an oil pipeline next to the Standing Rock reservation."

Article By: Bethania Palma from Snopes



Veterans For Standing Rock: A Photo Essay

A Photo Essay created by Ruth Fowler on www.counterpunch.org. 

The Second Amendment is a Recipe for Police Killings

By: Michael A. Wood Jr. 


"The right to bear arms means that police operate in an environment in which members of the public can purchase, store and practice with weaponry similar to that of police and military. Some of this weaponry can send pieces of armor-piercing lead through whatever bullet protection police officers may be wearing. This threat makes many police feel scared for their lives."