Standing Rock, ND

Veterans Stand for Standing Rock started as a mission to shield water protectors and highlight human rights violations. It grew into something that we never could have imagined. Veterans are people who take an oath and write a blank check to the United States of America, up to and including their life, to protect the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

For many veterans that oath doesn't end when they separate from the military, it just changes the method of service. Speaking to many of the 2100 veterans who traveled with us to Standing Rock on Dec 4-7th, this mission was a new way for them to serve. On Dec 4, we mustered in Cannonball, ND and within an hour the Army Corp of Engineers announced that the easement to drill under Lake Oahe had been denied.

Some of our veterans felt let down because they didn't get to stand for what they believe, others took it upon themselves to help out in anyway they could. As a result Veterans Stand has helped coordinate resupply and working parties for specific needs at all of the camps. We have maintained a close working relationship with Traditional Leadership, Camp Leadership, and the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes. our veterans have stepped up and chosen to serve, because there are still human and constitutional rights being violated. We are honored to serve beside them.